Browntail Moth Removal & Control

The Browntail moth has wreaked havoc on Midcoast Maine forests and the people who live here. This invasive pest destroys primarily red oak trees, apple trees, and other foliage. Its spores affect many that come in contact with them from an itchy browntail moth rash to severe respiratory problems when the spores are inhaled. Removal of this insect pest is important to handle appropriately to be sure that your trees and landscape are left healthy, beneficial insects like bees and other pollinators are not harmed, and that you get to enjoy your property without the frustration and risk these caterpillars bring.

Browntail moth nest in tree
Browntail moth adult closeup
Browntail moth caterpillar close up
Brown tail moth rash
Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar Nest

Browntail moth removal if done correctly is an effective way to manage the pests and allow you to enjoy the outdoor portions of your home once again. At Treeworks, we have invested heavily to ensure our team is fully trained, licensed, and equipped to handle browntail moths and other pests whether you have a small problem, or a large scale infestation. We use a multi-stage process that includes identification and pruning, injection treatments for target trees, and clean-up and removal to ensure the best results.

Browntail moth nest in tree
Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar Nest

Tree Pruning for Browntail Moths

Bucket Lift | Brown tail moth removal | Tree Trimming

Proper tree pruning is an important first step for removal. Over-winter browntail moth caterpillars build nest webs on the tips of their target tree branches. These winter webs are important to identify as other insect webs can be mistaken for the browntail moth. Once identified our team will prune the nests from your trees using the proper equipment and techniques to leave trees with a healthy crown. While this sounds simple, this is an important aspect of pruning for you to question before hiring an arborist. This year Treeworks has added a 92’ spider lift that allows our team to properly prune trees minimally on all sides with very little impact to your property. Our Arbor Pro lift gives us access to trees through small paths and even back yard gates to prune the caterpillar nests at the ends of limbs throughout your infected trees without needing to remove entire large branches that affect their health and beauty.

Treatment of Trees for Browntail Moth

Once the trees have been pruned, we treat by Micro Injection. Injecting the infected trees is the most effective management practice. The injections last for the entire season, ensuring to manage the Browntail moth in all phases necessary.

Treeworks has worked with The State of Maine extensively to ensure we are properly licensed, educated, and insured to do the treatment safe and effectively. Protecting you, the environment, and the trees is a top priority for our team.

brown tail moth treatment

Our Process for Browntail Moth Removal

Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar Nest
  1. Meet With the Client to Evaluate the Property
  2. Tree Measurements
  3. Free Estimate
  4. Pruning
  5. Removal and Incineration/Disposal
  6. Tree Injections
  7. After Treatment:
    1. Hepa Vac
    2. Pressure Wash Structures
    3. Referral to Pest Management for Structure Spray- House, Garage, etc.

For more information on the browntail moth and browntail moth rash treatment, visit The State of Maine website at:

Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar Nest